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Migrant Artist 

Because we live in a world full of borders (both physical, invented, internalised or otherwise), there is a real cost to living, working and creating in the UK - especially for those who have immigrated to the country from somewhere else. 


Whilst I continue opposing the hostile environment and fight for an equitable cultural sector for all in my practices, I wanted to do something tangible to ease this burden for migrant artists like myself. This humble fund/lottery is my response to the crippling cost of visas, applications, passports and other procedures people have to go through to secure their stay in the country. It is not much and it is not perfect but I hope it goes a little way towards making it a bit easier to live where you want to be and do what you do best. 


I really hope others will join me in donating to the pot. 


To read more about the hostile environment, its impact on the cultural sector or the lives of migrant artists and what you can do in solidarity visit: and


What is it?

The Becoming British Lottery recognises the financial burden of migrant artists to make work in the UK. The lottery is specifically to cover the costs of visas/citizenship paperwork for working in the UK.

It is a random draw of multiples of £200 


It is non taxable as it is a random prize, not a competition and is not ‘talent based’.

It is re-opening for a one off in 2024. 

To be eligible you must:

Work or have worked in the arts industry (the widest definition is applicable here as we are aware individuals define their practice in a number of ways)

Have costs relating to a Visa / Citizenship application within the UK 


Please note the payment will be made in GBP and so you will need to be able to receive funds this way.

If you cannot receive funds in GBP due to your status we are able to pay the £200 directly towards a cost related to citizenship/settlement (e.g. Lawyer) You will need to inform us of this on receipt of winning, not before. 


How to apply
Submit your information via an online form:  


Please only do so once - multiple submissions will be disqualified. 
You will be notified by email whether you have been successful or not within 1 day of the draw deadline.

Selection of winners 

Applications shall be checked for eligibility ahead of the draw. The draw shall use random selection software to name the winner of the lottery. Your application shall be numbered and it is this number that shall be entered so no personal data will be shared with the third party.


Please note this application is purely for visa/citizenship/costs associated with being a migrant & working in the UK, not any costs towards artwork or making. These costs must be personal to you. 

How to support 

We are looking for a series of benefactors to support this lottery. If you are interested in sponsoring a lottery slot by name please email , If you would like to donate on a one off basis to the scheme please do so here  (£10 or multiples of), here  (£15 or multiples of) or here  (£25 or multiples of). If you'd like to support on an ongoing basis please contact me here 

Key dates

Fri 08 March 2024 Lottery opens

Wed 27 March 2024 5pm Draw 5 closes

Thurs 28 March  2024 Draw 5 conducted 

Fri 05 April 2024 Draw 5 payment made

Previous draw dates 2021 & 2022

18 November 2021 lottery opens 

23 Jan 2022 5pm Draw 1 closes

24 Jan 2022 Draw 1 conducted 

31 Jan 2022 Draw 1 payments made 

01 Feb lottery reopens

24 April 5pm Draw 2 closes

25 April Draw 2 conducted

03 May Draw 2 payments made

04 May Draw 3 opens 

24 July 5pm Draw 3 closes 

26 July Draw 3 conducted 

02 Aug Draw 3 payments made

03 Aug Draw 4 opens 

24 Oct 5pm Draw 4 closes

25 Oct Draw 4 Conducted 

31 Oct Draw 4 payments made 

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