Past Projects

The People’s Tribunal On Crimes of Aggression: Afghanistan Series


In summer 2021 I shadowed BÉZNĂ Theatre as Assistant Director on their directional artistic tribunal built and run by impacted communities. It was a great insight into some of the company’s process around gathering interviews, dramaturgy and walking the line between fictional and real life accounts. 


To read more about BÉZNĂ Theatre’s work visit:

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Seeds: The round Shape of all Things Red 


In 2019 I directed the Arcola Theatre’s Women Group. I worked with 20 other women from all walks of life (some professionally trained and others not) to create a devised show based on mythological stories from around the world. Through this lens we explored our lived experiences and interrogated the stories that feed our beliefs of who we are/should be. 


Seeds was a great experience and a super moving show with some dark accents. Unfortunately, a few pomegranates were hurt in the process… (but turned into jam afterwards!)

The Complete Freedom of Truth


Between 2014 and 2017 I took part in TCFT, a residential style festival which grew into a transnational, youth-led network of artists, activists and change makers. I took part in the TCFT editions in the UK, Bosnia and Italy and did a variety of things from assisting-producing to creating performances and multimedia happenings and co-artistic directing an epic promenade performance with Cirque Bijou’s Billy Allwen. 


TCFT was a great place to connect with peers, learn from established practitioners and find my voice as a young practitioner. 

Facilitating at TCFT 2016 - credit Robert Golden.jpg
(c) Alex Brenner, no use without credit; CASA 2015 _ Rich Mix - Community Show (_DSC0382).

CASA Latin American Theatre Festival


CASA was my very first paid job in the creative industries in the UK! I started as a volunteer and grew to be the festival’s executive producer. Between 2013 and 2016 I supported 77 international and 213 UK based Latin American artists and worked with 36 staff, over 20 paid interns and 100+ volunteers to reach circa 10,000 audiences and 1000+ participants. I worked at Oval House, Rich Mix and the Barbican and managed our offices in Marsh Wall and Hannibal House. 


CASA was truly my home and where I learned a lot about producing, managing an organisation and working internationally.