Social Frontiers

I working closely with University of Sheffield academics on the concept of social frontiers in Rotherham.


Social frontiers arise when there are sharp differences in the demographic composition of adjacent communities.

I am looking for an artist of any discipline (outside of performance) to collaborate with me to generate a new piece of work to share with the public as part of Festival of the Mind, September 2022.  


Fee: £1350


Collaboration Dates: 

Thursday 11 Aug

Friday 12 Aug


Monday 22 Aug

Tuesday 23 Aug

Wednesday 24 Aug

Thursday 25 Aug

Presentation Date: 

Wednesday 21 Sept 


+1-2 prep days for meetings/research outside of these dates to be co-agreed


There is a small budget for materials. 


We’re looking for collaborators who are based in or have experience of living in Rotherham 


Ideally you would also

have experience of working between academia, lived experience & art 

be used to collaborating with others

have a socially & politically engaged practice 

be of South Asian heritage 

To apply please complete this form: 


Deadline: Monday 18 July 10am 


For more information email