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The writers' workshop - Objects of a place you love

On Saturday 2nd September I attended a creative writing workshop let by Anne Grange of The Writers' Workshop, a creative hub for emerging, developing and established wordsmiths.

Launched in 2021 by Beverly Ward, the company is based in Orchard Square in Sheffield where they have a cosy room from which they run a series of workshops and other regular meet-ups. Many of their events can also be attended online.

Pictured above, left: the treasure trove in one of the banquettes. Right: a frame in the space with the quote; "Not all those who wander are lost" by J.R.R Tolkien.

In this occasion, we were asked to bring two objects: one of a place we love and one reminding us or symbolising home. We were then issued prompts and given space to write and share with the group.

Below, I am including the prompts that generated my text, should you be up for writing your own. If you do, make sure you time yourself and allow for some free writing to flow.


Objects of a place you love - prompts

Think of an object of a place you love.

When did this object come into your life? Think of that precise moment.

When you hold the object, where do you go? How does it feel?

Describe the object. Is it fragile? Sturdy?

How old is the object?

What would happen to it in the future?




The gentle sound of the sea waves licking the beach.

My feet, sinking in all the small stones.

A cloudy, warm, blue sky.

The smell of salt.

The sense of freedom.

His green-grey-blue eyes.

His smile...

No time, no clocks, no ties.

The stone is heavy and smooth against my palm.

When my fingers touch it gently I see the roads ahead of us, the trees behind us.

The twists and turns.

The valleys opening up.

The fresh smell of the morning dew.

The sticky sensation of the summer against my skin.

How old is this stone?

Is it even a stone or a magical portal to the past?

Perhaps there is a clever way to activate it so that I can jump straight back in the memory...

sit down and...

smell the sea, smell the sea food, smell the sea breeze

the sea space, the sea air, the sea clouds, the sea sun...


I look down.

It is a stone.

Or perhaps a secret amulet from an ancient water goddess.

Pictured above: a white and grey amulet or stone or portal to the past

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